Little bits of the week.

It's been really calm here lately. The weather is cold and dark and there isn't lot of light to take pictures. I'm keeping myself
warm by working on all sorts of projects. First of all I made some new illustrated wooden necklaces which you can fine here
+ new tote bags.

Another project I've been working on (you may have already seen here), are some new brooches. I thought it would be fun to send
the first one as a little suprise to Lisa as part of the Autumn-swap-project. Since Bruno the Bear was all alone I thought that he
needed a little friend.
She doesn't has a name yet so if you have some ideas... go ahead! Keep an eye out cause I'm making more...

If you want to follow my projects more closely and the updates of the shop make sure to visit me here.

• Our first snow!
• Wrapping Christmas presents.
• I've been blogged here.


  1. thank you so much! <3

    (oh my, i have so start thinking about presents!)

  2. I like the poetry of your illustrations; And their transformation with beautiful fabrics.

  3. It's so nice that you sent your first new brooch to Lisa, it is really adorable!
    I also like how you packed your christmas gifts! I will pack some more today :)

  4. o nooooooo there are no bear ones let :(

  5. I really like the new brooch. so soft.
    I have to make my Christmas present too and I want make nice things this year.

  6. all ok now... think I confused bigcartel!

    Can't wait to receive it! x

  7. wat een mooie pakketjes! de brooches (oh ik kom even niet op het nederlandse woord? haha stom!) zijn ook echt heel leuk!

  8. Peas and Needles > Yay! I've seen it! Just sent you an email back.

  9. Your new brooch is adorable and I really like that fabric!

  10. ahah that dog was really lovely. me and my boyfriend wanted to photograph her and after a few ones all of a sudden she started to bark and growl like a badass. i got so f*cking scared! ahah

  11. wow, this one is amazing, too. i wished my first (and only) blog was half as beautiful as yours.

  12. Whaaa Karolien nieuwe broche is supermooi!!! Laat me aub zo snel mogelijk weten wanneer je ze verkoopt want die wil ik echt hebben. Ik vind dat je ze Mina moet noemen maar ik weet niet goed wat er nog bijmoet... Het is alleszins geen beer! :-)
    Vrolijk kerstfeest voor jou! En kijk al uit naar veel nieuwe posts en projectjes in 2012.

  13. Gerlin > Super bedankt voor je lieve woorden. Heb een comment achtergelaten op je blog met wat uitleg over de broches.

  14. Wat een leuke kettingen!! Alvast een ideetje om wat kerstcentjes aan te spenderen :))
    En die broche is zoo schattig!!

  15. Wow. The photo with the trees looks like a painting. I like it. :)


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