Mailbox treasures.

Rike send me the most perfect package, some of her beautiful postcards, tape and glue that smells like marzipan (You are right Rike, the smell is very addictive and thank you yet again for this special gift!).
Bohème Circus is a real master in sending beautiful mail. When opening her envelopes, it's like opening a treasure.
• A swap with Julie. I'm in love with her quirky illustrations. They will get a special spot when we move.

▲ ▲ ▲


  1. What lucky girl you are! Enjoy!

  2. lovely things, lots of lovely things, the envelope in the last picture looks amazing

  3. Die tape is mooi!! En schone postkaartjes!

  4. you creative illustrators are so nice to watch out for. always own the neatest lil' things to share. my cousin designs things like this too. she works for a company called quill and fox. you should check them out. you would loooove their designs. totally something you would do yourself ;)

    1. Oh thank you! I know Quill and Fox. I discovered them a while ago on etsy, love love love their designs!

  5. goshh these letters are gorgeous!!!

  6. amazing packages & treasuries!!!!
    candy for my eyes! :)

  7. These are perfect! Real treasures, for sure.


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