around the house // finished some graphic work for family // heart shaped tomato from my grandparents garden // still knitting apples like crazy and waiting for new wool // watched this docu and liked it very very much //

I want to thank everyone for your many orders and it would be fun to see where my cushions will arrive. If you want to share pictures with me you can always mail me and maybe I will do a little post about them. At the moment the shop is closed but I hope to get it back online in a few days. If you want to keep updated, please follow this page

Untill soon!

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  1. Oh yes, the lovely apples.
    I think we might need to adopt one as well.
    I wonder how the tomato tasted, was it extra sweet?

  2. Love your pictures, like always. :) The apples! <3
    Best wishes, Yoojin

  3. lovely what i see here :)
    & this heart shaped tomato <3
    i love your pictures!

  4. Mooie foto's! De uitnodigingen zien er super uit!

  5. i really like the little cards, are they stamped? :)

    1. Thank you Delphine!
      I first made a linocut which I then printed on paper.

  6. Those cards are sooo lovely! Well done:))))

  7. mooi kaartje zeg! en superleuk dat de appeltjes zo goed gaan :) ze zijn ook supermooi.

  8. That heart shaped tomato is adorable! Herb & Dorothy sounds like an amazing docu, I'll try to watch this weekend, thanks for the tip!


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