Saterday walk and couch searching

Walking around a new area in town we never been to. Saw manny pretty things but no couch. It still was an amazing place to visit.

• There's a peek of what I will do with my fabrics.  I still need some more time to finnish since everything is a bit hectic. We're still renovating with no heat and it's getting really cold. I did made an extra fabric design for the second edition of Pots & Paper (very excited about this one!), but more about that in a few days.

Take care my dear friends and stay warm!

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  1. It's addictive creating fabric patterns, isn't it! I am waiting for new test pieces right now :) Am looking forward to see you new design! You must be proud to be wear your self designed bag!

    1. It sure is! Next time I'll order some fabrics for clothes.

  2. Oh, de nieuwevaart, mijn tante woonde daar vroeger (loft rechts van de basketbalring, daar boven)

  3. This looks like such an adorable part of town! I thoroughly enjoy a quaint Saturday walk around town.

  4. my eye dropped at your tote bag from the first glance! :) beautiful!
    the area looks really good! the third foto is amazing!

  5. Oeh, mooie foto's! Veel succes met verbouwen zonder verwarming. Ik leef érg mee.

  6. wat een mooie plekjes! waar woon je eigenlijk..? gent?

  7. Mooooiiii die tas!!!
    En ohh die muurschilderij.. vind ik altijd leuk om kunstwerkjes als deze te ontdekken!
    Wat staat er veel moois in die verkoopzaal

  8. Prachtfoto's~! En wat een ontzettend leuk tasje!

  9. such an interesting neighborhood. former industrial area turned into an art district? reminds me a bit of 798 art zone in beijing

  10. I wish i could be there for Pots and Paper :)
    hope you find soon the sofa of your dreams!


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