We spent our Sunday walking around Bourgoyen. Can you believe that this place is just outside the city? A nice place to walk, spot ducks and enjoy natures beauty.


• He made a bench and I sewed the cushions.
• A few weeks ago we went listening to this amazing lady.
• I'm building a small roof garden, full of yummy vegies and even a cherry tree.
• Enjoying the outside after days of rain and hoping that this summer weather will stay.

◑ ◡ ◑


  1. It looks like summer has already knocked at your door!
    These are such beautiful & relaxing pictures

  2. een kersenboom op een dakterras klinkt echt als het beste ooit, als dat jullie prachtcombi van bankje + kussens niet al is.

  3. Summer weather is already gone here.
    I really love all this green.

  4. Oh de diepe donker groene kleuren voelen zo koel en tegelijkertijd aan. Precies zoals de hitte en de koude wind me nu ook doen voelen

  5. Beautiful place and beautiful photos! Looks like we did the same activities last Sunday ;-)

  6. love these photographs, the geens are amazing

  7. The bench is amazing :)
    it is so good to have little pieces of nature of a short distance drive or walk when you live in a city!

  8. hello, could i ask what camera these photos are taken with? i'm trying to choose one at the mo and i love the greens!

    1. Hi Emma! I use a Nikon D3100 as camera. I do have to say I also edit photos with lightroom/VSCO and photoshop to get clear colors and a nostalgic feel.


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