Some leftover from the Molie Makes Home shoot. I thought it might be fun to share these since I don't talk a lot about our renovations. We are still working and still have plenty to do. For me it's a never-ending process of moving things around the house and each week everything looks different.  Altough everything looks quite fine on these photo's you can't believe how many things still needs to be done. Soon I will share some new pictures of the things we are working on.

◑ ◡ ◑


  1. It doesn't just look fine, it looks beautiful! ◔◡◔

  2. these photos are adorable Karolien! Thank you so much for sharing. I am a bit jealous because everything is so beautyful. How are those red/blue/yellow-black shelves called? Have a nice day, nina

    1. Thank you Nina. It took (and will take) lot's of work. The shelfs are vintage ones from Tomado. They are from the dutch brothers Van der Togt and are quite popular here in Belgium.

  3. oo.... het ziet er zeker fijn uit op de foto's
    zo fijn licht en helder
    die eerste foto zo fijn
    maar ook rond je eettafel

  4. Wow, such a beautiful place, very inspiring indeed!

  5. So lovely ! I want to live here !

  6. Dat ziet er al heel fijn uit!
    Succes met de rest… Komt helemaal goed :-)

  7. I love it all, it just looks gorgeous!

  8. It looks so welcoming here! You have the loveliest home even with unfinished renos. I can only imagine how great and beautiful it will feel when you have them complete x

  9. Heel mooi zo! Ik vond je via Etsy ;-)

  10. it looks so perfect, tidy and ...can I move in? :-D


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