Oh chrismas tree

Like all of you out there I'm very excited for this holiday season. Not only because it gives me the excuse to curl up on the couche to knit a lot but also because it's the first time I have a reason to really decorate our home.

*No real fir tree since the cat would have a blast, we don't have a yard to re-plant it and no vacuuming afterwords but we do have a real bastisRike-print to replace it. I'm so in love with this print and it blends perfectly in with all the greens.  (Thank you Rike!) *The eucalyptus wreaths I made some weeks ago. They are now completely dried and smelled amazing at the beginning. *I covered the table with doilys my grandmother made. *A garland I made to hang in front of the windows. I actually made a DIY (my very first one, hooray!) that will be posted tomorrow so you can make one too.

◑ ◡ ◑ 


  1. oh! beautiful christmas decorations!

  2. this looks so wonderful! now i want to start decorating too:=)

  3. Ik heb er ook al zoveel zin in! Dit weekend ga ik bij mijn grootmoeder het huis versieren :).

  4. Such a fun tree! And those wreathes are awesome! Lovely and simple!

  5. Oh die pilea is reuse groot. Volgend jaar wil ik ook zo'n kerstboom!


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