So here is another try… I have been longing for this place for the last year but didn't won't to take another effort to bring this little spot of mine back alive after a couple of tries before. The thought of posting one thing and than being consumed by 'live' again, the feeling like I should rush through, only time to achieve and no time to fail…

Social media, as wonderful as it was at the beginning (it still is from time to time) now pushes you to consume, perform, be perfect and so on. That's the feeling that all those adds and the algorithm do to me personal. We already see enough of those on the train, in magazines, on television and when we walk in the city. I know this feels like I'm another one of those people who keeps nagging along even if we can't do anything about that and just have to accept that it is like it is. But I miss the stories and the creativity that I used to see/read, or the little things in live that made people happy. I even miss reading about, besides the good, also the bad things in live. We are not perfect all the time right? And thank you so much for all the comments I received and seeing that I'm not the only one.

Now enough about this. There are already enough words spend on this subject at other places. Let's see it as an opportunity to give blogging another try and slow down a bit.

in picture: a project that is lingering for a long time, I dislike knitting sleeves // pileas are taking over my home, I have them in every corner of the house // Autumn light // new yarn to dye and test // a sock sample I'm knitting for the shop // the start of a holiday present

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  1. lately i miss a lot of voices from the blog world by now - yours included! and it is totally all about the good and bad things in life and not about keeping up the social media rat race!

    here´s to hoping you´ll get into the swing of things again!

  2. So nice to see you back here! Love your work in progress and all glimpses of your home <3


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