Mailbox treasures.

It feels like christmas today! Found in my mailbox.

• From Tabitha. Can't open it until the 15th.
• From Claudia. All these lovely gifts! She made the doily a little while ago and I loved it! Not knowing it was for me so it was
a big big surprise when I found it in the envelope! Thank you very very much!


  1. Ha! Thank you so much for your comment about your mint plant :) it's someway comforting! Snail mail is super, isn't it?

  2. a treasure indeed! super cute doily! :)

  3. I'm very happy that you like it! :) I'm already curious what's in the other parcel :)

  4. The packaging is too adorable <3 Such sweet little things ^_^

  5. what a lovely collection of mail! little treasures. :)


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