New illustrations + new blog.

Some of you might dicovered it already. Me and H. are going to start a new blog. Since our family and friends don't live that
close, we thought it's a good idea to start a renavation diary/blog. + It's fun to see before and after pictures.
If you are curious and want to follow the biggest project of our live take a look here or click on the tiny house on the right.

Oh and I also made some new illustration by using some mixed media techniques. Love to cut and stick paper.

Played a little bit with the lay-out of my page. The pictures are now a little bit bigger to look at. Do you like it?


  1. Geweldig! (merci voor de comment op mijn blog! )

  2. oh yes i like it!
    going to check ur new blog out. i am sure it's going to be lovely

  3. Lovely idea and your illustrations are great like always!

  4. echt mooie gedaan en een super goed idee om er een blog rond te maken !

  5. it's awesome x gonna follow that too x

  6. Good luck (and good work!) for your wonderful maison! I love your illustration. You really should print them and sell them!


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