Craft it forward!

Do you know Craft it Forward? A while ago I joined Kerry from the great blog Seventy Tree and she sent me these 3 beautiful cards
and one of my favorite prints from her shop. Thank you so so much Kerry!

Now it's my turn to do the same. Do you want to play? I will send something handmade to the first 5 who comment on this blog post
before the end of 2012 (Normally it's before the end of 2011 but since that's only 2 months away and with the holidays that are
comming I will make it 2012. Hope nobody minds?) Don't forget to tell me you're in!

They must then post what I have sent them on their own blogs and pass it on (send something handmade to the first five people who
comment) and so on. It can be anythin
g (something sewed, something painted, something felted, a photography, just anything you like),
as long as it is h
andmade by you and must be sent out by the end of 2012.

Let's play Craft it Forward! I will confirm my 5 craft buddies in my next blog post.



  1. if i understand everything i want to be a part of this. it's sweet.
    all i like. meet people by what people do. (bad bad english)
    i hope i am in the firts 5.
    thank you. it's an amazing project.

  2. Nieuw in het blogwereldje, maar heel nieuwsgierig naar toffe Belgische (Gentse ;-) blogs.
    Via Seventy Tree hier terechtgekomen. Leuk leuk!

  3. This game is so sweet and seems so fun. Sharing our own creations with different people is quite an enjoyable thing. I would be glad to be one of your craft buddies:)

  4. Yay, glad you like them! I had a feeling a bear would be your kind of thing! Enjoy your Craft It Forward :) x

  5. Such a lovely idea! I would also like to be in!

  6. wat een fijn idee, ik ben te laat, ojee spijtig!
    ik vind je typemachine zo mooi, ik wil er zo graag eentje.

  7. ah man im sad i missed out on this... would love to have played !

  8. oh no i am late :(
    too bad
    maybe next time? :)

  9. Ook net te laat, maar ik vind het een super idee en ben heel benieuwd wat er uit de bus zal komen! :)

  10. leuk idee! alleen... ik spijtig genoeg nog geen blog :(
    ach ik ben toch te laat
    benieuwd naar de resultaten

  11. The top photo is love love love love love ;)


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