Another found from our
vacation last month. He likes to thrift typewriters and toys. I like the packaging, the illustrations and
the butterflies.


  1. A vintage stereoskop!!! This is a real treasure, you're a lucky girl! Enjoy the week!

  2. Such a great great found!
    "Chacun raffole de..." this put a smile on my face! It's excellent!

    I'm in France now, close to me a box with all the things I found over years on fleamarkets, I will be happy to take then to Berlin with me when I will return :)

    Bon lundi!

  3. my grandparents have one like that. it's not butterflies but view of Paris and other cities. it's just amazing.
    i would like create my own stereoskop. i don't think it's so hard to do.
    enjoy it!

  4. AAAAAAAH! Mooi mooi mooi en zo grappig :)

  5. Oh, oh. Dit brengt zoveel herinneringen terug! Ik had vroeger zo'n knalrood toestel en cirkels met 3D-beelden van Disney-films en random landschappen. Ik ben oprecht jaloers nu. :)

  6. you find the coolest and most rarest little things ever. very precious!

  7. I like this ! It's fun and a beautiful object !

  8. u always find the most beautiful things :)

  9. Gosh this looks so much fun! I love that vintage looking packaging too. They don't use illustrations and colours like that now anymore don't they?

  10. Dat is een goede vondst, heel mooi!


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