Journal de Jours - Letters to treasure

This weekend me and my
finally managed to pay a visit at this exhibition. Hermine, from Journal de Jours, set up this exhibition
with her
letter-project. If you like sending mail and if you are in the neighborhood then you should definetely pay a visit.
The exhibition is still running and you can
visit it till 18 march.

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  1. The venue looks as interesting as the exhibition itself. I do love snail mail, though I'm mostly getting bills nowadays ;)

  2. Wow dit is héél leuk! Jammer dat het momenteel voor mij niet haalbaar is om te bezoeken :(

  3. It's look like an amazing exhibition. I would like visit it but I don't think it will be possible.

  4. I enjoy receiving snail mail and this exhibition's idea is really good though I'm unable to pay a visit..

  5. I so wish I could check out this exhibit..

  6. aaaa, so lovely, but so far away from me

  7. I like the theme of this exhibition (of course), and I like also the scenography. It is not so simple to show, to stage a letter, an envelope !
    This project gives the desire to send some more of mails (for that matter... I posted for you an envelope... yesterday morning.... and I hope that it will arrive fast :) !

  8. oh jaloers - wil ik ook heen :)
    mooie indruk alvast!

  9. It looks great! I love the way everything was displayed. You make me want to start checking out galleries around here (which I've yet to do).
    I just ordered two prints from your store for my niece! I'm super excited and also jealous that she'll have them on her walls and I won't.

    1. Your niece is a lucky girl, getting surprises in the mail! I will make sure that it is packed extra nicely ;)

  10. wow! this looks amazing. wish it was closer so I could stop by too. :)

  11. Wow, what a lovely exhibition! I'm a huge fan of her blog/letter project.

  12. Amazing! I'd love to be around and visit the exhibition. One of my great pleasures is sending snail mail, too bad there aren't more people into it.

  13. amai ziet er tof uit! mooie foto's

  14. Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air. :)


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