Shop update!

A long busy but fun weekend with as result a shop update!

• I made stickers from some selected work.
• And brand new prints, available in two colors.
• A custom order + one of my necklaces arrived.
• Finally saw this film and was a little bit disappointed.

Have a great start of the week my friends!

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  1. The new print is terrible!
    I love your work, a beautiful universe ...
    Very nice week to you!

  2. Die stickers zijn echt een super idee! heel mooi!

  3. I think your new print looks nice!
    Support you and good day:)

  4. Sure, you should have a lovely ficus lyrata!
    Are you working hard at your new house?
    A friend of mine is always talking about Miranda July, but I haven´t seen anything from her.

  5. Such pretty stickers! Als I love your new prints! They look so festive and colorful!

  6. Joehoew, leuke stickers! Bestelling is al geplaatst :)
    Ik vond the future ook een beetje teleurstellend, het liet me na met een heel raar gevoel in m'n buik.
    Sowieso meer fan van me and you and everyone we know!

    1. Net gezien! Bedankt voor je bestelling!

      Over the future, ik denk dat ik er teveel van verwachte, sinds iedereen het erover had.
      Ik ga zeker eens een keer naar Me and you and... kijken.

  7. I love the stickers, such a great idea!
    I recently also saw this film and I must say it was a disappointment for me too.

    (I was wondering, have you received my letter?)

    1. I received your letter last week (sorry that I didn't let you know).
      Love the little bells you send me and I want to hang them on our cats collars but I think they will go crazy then :)

  8. I love the idea of stickers!
    as I have the same agenda as you, I want to do live a little!
    great week to you

  9. I ordered stickers and tote bag!
    I'm happy!
    see you soon

  10. oh the stickers are so very lovely!!!

  11. oh die zijn echt te stickers, geweldig. Ben even blut, maar kom gauw weer eens koekeloeren in je shop!

  12. Ik ben nog altijd heel blij met mijn halsketting. Je nieuwe producten zien er heel fijn uit!
    Wat een leuke pagina in je agenda. Kleef je vaker er iets in? Eigenlijk heb ik er nooit bij stilgestaan dat ik daar ook in kan beginnen tekenen. Mijn agenda is van hetzelfde merk als mijn schetsboek en heeft hetzelfde papier.

    Nu zit ik weer luidop na te denken over wat ik nog allemaal kan doen.
    Een fijne week toegewenst!

  13. nice little shop you the prints and the necklaces

  14. Eeeeeek! seems so so so so so nice! you're so talented!

  15. Your shop is prettier than ever! As a sticker-lover I have to say yours are perfect! Love the beautiful illustrations.

  16. Wrote a comment this other day but it's not here :( maybe I didnt sent that good!

    I was asking what you were about in The Future? And also saying that I love the 1st picture & that your stickers packages are nice!

    Have a nice day,

    1. Oh, I didn't see any comment of you.

      About the movie... As I told Lisa, maybe I expected too much of the movie since everyone talked about it and I saw the trailer a 100 times. I don't know, I was left with an empty feeling when it was over. Did you see it?

  17. oh! I have just read your comment about Valentines day at Claudias blog.
    My husband thinks the same as your boyfriend. This weekend I will buy some flowers for myself ;)


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