• Orange juice, banana and mango. One of the best combinations I tried so far.
• A custom order.

• And some bad news... I'm on the look for a new single-lens reflex camera since mine quit working this week. Any
suggestions? Mine was a nikon and worked without any problems for 6 years so I guess I will buy a similar one but
if you got recommendations please go ahead (I'm not an expert).

So it will be very quiet here for a while. I will use my time for practising on my knitting machine and enjoying
the good weather.

Hopefully until soon!

▲ ▲ ▲


  1. Oh wat rot zeg!! Ik gebruik ook Nikon & ben er zeer tevreden van.
    Geniet maar van de extra tijd die anders kruipt in het foto's nemen.

  2. Love the girls! And hope your camera gets sorted soon!

  3. Yummy combinatie!!! Heerlijk smoothies, doen we vooral in het weekend!

  4. lovely necklaces!
    i'm sorry for your camera. my father has also a Nikon and it's really a nice camera.

  5. yum, that drink looks delicious!

  6. Hope you find a new camera soon! Have a happy time creating meanwhile :)

  7. Your juice sounds yummy! I usually mix, orange juice, banana and straberry(or blueberries).
    I'm a Canon girl and I love Canon 60D because it works beautifully, takes great pictures and records hd video :3
    I'm a new fan of your blog!

  8. Beautiful, really beautiful work. I also have a Nikon and love it, so...

  9. I have a Nikon and went to a specialist camera shop recently to upgrade. They told me that there is no difference in quality between Canon and Nikon, so if your used to using Nikon it's best to stay with them as the user interface is quite different - also you'll be able to keep all your lenses. They also told me that the best upgrade for me (I have a D80) is to go to the D7000 - which is about £900 (if this is within your budget).

    I hope this helps :)

    Lois x

    1. Thank you so much for you tip Lois! I'm already thinking to stick with Nikon since I'm used of working with it.

  10. mmm, juice looks juicy!, yum yum


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