Sunshine award.

nominated me to join "the sunshine award“. It is an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires
others in the blog world. Thank you very much Claudia!

You are supposed to answer the following questions & name five other bloggers you enjoy.

favorite color: greyish pastels + fluo.
favorite animal: cat.
favorite non-alcoholic drink: smoothie.
facebook or twitter: facebook.
getting or giving presents: I like both.
favorite flower: peonies and ranunculus.
favorite pattern: triangles.
passion: illustrations and knitting.
favorite number: 22.

The five blogs I'd like to share because they always make me happy are:

Lisa Kinoo - because her blog is always colourful and makes me smile
Bohème Circus - because of her love for mail and paper
Bonjour Johanna - because of her creativity
Click* - because of her amazing photography
Peas and Needles - because of her lovely projects

So maybe you'll recognize your blog here & join the sunshine award too! I'd like to read your answers!

(I don't want you to feel tagged, please feel free to join or not!)


  1. My favourite number is also 22!

  2. "Sunshine award" is a beautiful expression, and I like very much the photo which you chose to illustrate your post : I like the feeling of lightness and cheerfulness which it gives!

  3. oeh had niet gezien dat je al genomineerd was...heb je net ook genomineerd:-)


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