I hope everyone stays nice and warm as the days are getting freezing cold.

• Breakfest in the morning.
• Letter writting in the afternoon.

What do you do to keep the cold outside?


  1. I fabricate hot water bottle with small seeds...
    I do not know if my translation is correct
    Good day : )

  2. Always keep a scarf around. Orange fruits. Cinnamon smell.

  3. well right now, i cannot keep it out at all! it is very cold in the apartment, even with me wearing warm leggings, a sweater, and thick rabbits' wool socks! but the hot kale and sweet potato soup simmering for lunch might heat things up a bit :)

  4. I try to put the heat inside.
    a lot of tea!

  5. But the heat on really high! Lot's of tea, warm jumper and blankets.
    Lovely blog! x

  6. I like so much this photos!

  7. I try to eat things that keep the body warm. Like carrots, soups, millet porridge with cinnamon....
    And I have always a hot-water bottle to warm my feet :)

  8. open haardje aan, kaarsjes aan en heerlijk op bank tegen elkaar aankruipen. heb nu al zin in de kerst:-)

  9. super foto!

    (bedankt voor de comment, zeker en vast nog eens naar parijs gaan binnenkort zou ik zeggen! ;) )


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