• Pictures of last weeks weather. The fog looks magical and scary at the same time.
• Some leafs I took home with me. I like their shapes.
• Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, USA and Belgium are the coutries I send packages to the last days. Thank you all so much for
your orders!

• I've been blogged here and here.


  1. Oh great idea with the leafs!
    Nice to do with the kids at work :)

    Syl (http://mi-joya.blogspot.com/)

  2. ik hou wel van de mist, alsof er iets spannends gaat gebeuren... ik vind het heerlijk om met de auto door mistbanken te rijden, net of je zit tussen de wolken. :-)
    leuk blad-meneertje, die laatste!

  3. so cute :)
    fog gave us a day off. finally the sun is shining again!

  4. Grey days.

    Congratulations on your orders! I guess you feel so happy! I always do I sent packages really far, and to places I have never been to.

    What you did with the leaf is pretty and really remind me of Elisabeth Dunker's work (Fine Liltte Day) http://cargocollective.com/elisabethdunker#263036/nature

    she does that with many things, leafs, spoons, stones... Did you get inspired by her?

    I wish you a nice day,

  5. Johanna > Your are correct, I'm feeling really happy! And you are also right about the leaf, it's a little bit inspired by the illustrations of Elisabeth Dunker. She makes the most beautiful things!

  6. mooi mooi mooi die mistfoto's! en spelen met blaadjes blijft leuk :-)
    fijne nieuwe maand toegewenst - niet te geloven dat het alweer december is...

  7. oh wow, beautiful beautiful images! <3

    and thank you, i like changing my hair ^^

  8. I can't stop smiling at the last photo! Happy weekend!

  9. Oh, so beautiful. And the leave so cute! Good idea :)

  10. The fog is quite beautiful, and I LOVE your leaf man! :] And congrats on all the happy recipients of your creations. I've been eyeing your porcelain brooches for awhile now~

  11. This is so incredibly adorable. I love your work & blog.


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