Yay! I'm finally ready with updating the shop. I spent the last days with doing productshots (which I love to do) and making
totebags. First time screenprinting and I'm happy with the results. I made my own screenprinting material and I like the way it
all turned out.
Since it was my first time there
are only 2 bags is only 1 bag available at the moment but I can't wait to start
printing again.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present make sure to take a look. If you have any questions about sold out items or
want to say hello just sent me a mail.


  1. Geweldig! :) leuke idees voor kerst!

  2. Love the totebag so much, immediately ordered it! Can't wait to have it in the mailbox!

  3. You're doing a wonderful job, girl! x

  4. it's so amazing. the tote bag are a real success !

  5. i got my orders today. i am so very happy with everything. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your work :)

  6. Very nice update! btw, something is on the way to you :)

  7. wide-eyed-tree > Oeh! Now I'm very very curious!

  8. Ohh your shop is adorable! I especially love the tote bag and the wooden buttons. I'll definitely take a better look around this evening.

  9. I'm sorry, my English is very bad.
    Ohhh I love your blog, your work, your photos.
    Have a nice day.
    Audrey from France.

  10. Looks good, I like the little woodern badges

  11. De tas is super goed gelukt! Heel fijne tekening ook!

  12. I love your stuffs !
    Thanks you for your letter <3 It's amazing !!

  13. They look so lovely! I got to check out your e-store right after this!! <3


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