Some illustrations I made a few years ago. In the time that followed my drawing style changed, sometimes I look at these again to see where it all started.

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Wish I could go back to Paris.

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For the moment I'm quite busy with my final project on school. I'm making a children's book about cancer.
The intention is that it helps parents to tell to their children that one of them has cancer. I'm curious how it's gonna turn out cause it's the first time I ever had to drawn a story and writhe one myself. With the book there's also gonna be a chemo-calender and a comforting-doll.

Hopefully I will be able to post something soon so you already can have a peek.

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Did I already introduced you to Lola? Well here she is...

I have long wanted a pet and when H. and I moved to a studio where we had more space, Lola came to live with us. She's a unique kitten. Actually most of the time a real pain in the ass. Climbing in the curtains, ruining the couch, making a mess with her food all over the kitchen place,...

But sometimes she can also be really sweet. I hope it will chance more when she grows up.

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