Find some new soft friends in the shop! A new green apple cushion, grey apples are now available in small size and say hello to Goodnight cushion and his cloud who will watch over you when you sleep and dream.

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• I baked apple cake and bread with this easy recipe.  I added some parmesan, basil and thyme for extra flavor.
•  Fig tree is longing for Spring. You can almost see it grow everyday. 

• We have plans for a small roadtrip to Denmark and Sweden this Summer. If you know some places/things we need to visit, see or taste...  
All tips are welcome! You can send me an email or leave a comment here.

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Hello Februari! Can you believe the first month of 2014 is already over?

Today I present you a new collection of brooches I have designed. Eskimo brooches that would love to keep you company. Each brooch is one-of-a-kind, hand embroidered by me and framed on a beautiful wooden background.

Now available in my Bigcartel shop.

Hope you like them!

PS Thank you very much for all your purchases and nice comments on the new hats!

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