Not my best graphic skills but I think you get the point. I want to thank you all so much for visiting this little place and
for all the lovely comments and support! Hope I will see you back next year!

HAPPY 2012!

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Mailbox treasures.


from Teresa

from Claudia

• A very quick hello to all of you. We had a very nice Christmas full of presents and too much good food.
• Some packages full of lovely goods I received in the last weeks. Thank you very much!



It's nearly Christmas and I'm off to spend the whole weekend with friends and family to celebrate. I will be back somewhere next

Thank you all so much for all your visits ,nice comments and support!
I wish you all a very merry cozy Christmas!

Love, Studio Meez

• The shop will stay open, orders will only be send out a little later •


Little bits of the week.


It's been really calm here lately. The weather is cold and dark and there isn't lot of light to take pictures. I'm keeping myself
warm by working on all sorts of projects. First of all I made some new illustrated wooden necklaces which you can fine here
+ new tote bags.

Another project I've been working on (you may have already seen here), are some new brooches. I thought it would be fun to send
the first one as a little suprise to Lisa as part of the Autumn-swap-project. Since Bruno the Bear was all alone I thought that he
needed a little friend.
She doesn't has a name yet so if you have some ideas... go ahead! Keep an eye out cause I'm making more...

If you want to follow my projects more closely and the updates of the shop make sure to visit me here.

• Our first snow!
• Wrapping Christmas presents.
• I've been blogged here.




A while ago Mina asked me if I want to take part of her Autumn-swap-project. As result this was waiting for me in my mailbox last
week. Beautiful handmade stamps from Claudia! Isn't that squirrel cute! She also made me one of her stars, you can make one of
your own if you follow her tutorials here and here. And if you are looking for stamps make sure you take a look at here lovely shop.

Thank you very very much Claudia!
I can't wait to try them out on some snailmail.

at home


Some pictures of my weekend.

• The whole appartment changed into a copycenter. Busy printing Christmas cards for family and friends.
• I made a necklace.
• We found the best Asian take away food in the city.
• Listened to this song over and over.

at home


• Started decorating the appartment for Christmas.
• This years Christmas tree/ last years Christmas tree.
• Decorating glass with gold stickers that I cut out.


Lot's of candy in this post but Sinterklaas came by.



I'm getting in the mood for Christmas.
Happy weekend everyone!