Weekend snaps.


How was your weekend? Me and H. went to the other part of the country to visit my family. Such a long time since I've seen them, we had a great time together.

• Enjoying bad and good weather.
• Lots and lots of strawberry's from the garden.
• Visit to the animal market and wishing I had a huge farm so I could bring all these little ones home with me. Look at those little ducks.

Thank you all so much for the great comments on my previous post!

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at home

Late snaps from the weekend.


Here are some Late snaps from the weekend.

• My avocado is doing really well. Czn you see the grumpy bear?
• Replaced my old chair with a new one. Just couldn't resist the latest edition from
Ikea. By what I heard they only sell them at a few places in Belgium and the Netherlands. My reading/knitting corner is now almost complete.

• He bought me my favorite flowers and though there now wilted, I can't trow them away yet. Love the differant shades of pink.

• Got some more vintage yarn from the thrift store.

• Started knitting a new scarf.


May and April.


I'm sorry for neglecting my blog. Got some problems with the internet and I hope it will soon be solved.

I didn't post a portrait in April, so here are two drawings. The first one is based on a picture of Yokoo (she makes the most amazing knit-wear).

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beautiful books

Books from my library.


• Love to look in this book. So much inspiration!
• My first Polaroid-picture and first trip to Disneyland :)
• Should take much more pictures but I'm too scared to waste them.

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And the winners are...


First of all I want to thank you all for entering my first give-away and for all the nice comments!
Unfortunately there are only 2 winners... (don't worry, I'm planning to do some more give-aways in the future)

Congratulations Jokemijn you won the Bruno the bear brooch and Amanda Jane you won a set of postcards. Could you send your address to me? I will send the packages as soon as possible.

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Seems like blogger had some problems and my last post disappeared. Here it is again.

Busy with 101 things at the same time ... happy to be into drawing again!

Can't say it enough but don't forget the give-away!

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at home

Raspberry muffins.


•275 g self-rising flour - 1 tsp baking powder - 100 g sugar - 2 eggs - 240 ml milk - 100 ml oil - little bit of salt - raspberries

•Mix the ingredients together and bake at 200 degrees 20-25 minutes

P.S. Don't forget to enter the give-away in the post below!

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New project + GIVE AWAY (CLOSED)


Here they are, the result of my new project. Inspired by my Bruno the bear illustration and 100% handmade with love. Hope you like him!

To celebrate my 1 year of blogging I want to give you a birthday present. I'm giving away 1 of my new brooches and 1 set of postcards. So there will be 2 lucky ones!

All you have to do:

• leave a comment on this post before Monday 16 May
• follow my blog or on bloglovin (just click on the button to the right)

The winners will be chosen on Monday 16 May.

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