Hi! How are you? Again it has been such a long time. I've been busy with our roofgarden (more about that later) and with a new fabric design.

I'm a big fan of screenprinting since I tried it a couple of times at school and last year at the academie. But never did dare to undertake this procces on my own. Oh well, life is about taking risks and challanges...  after a lot of hesitation last weekend, I turned our bathroom into a darkroom and our kitchen into a printing place.

The illustration design is inspired by old knitting patterns and printed on linen. I'm pretty exited about this and trying out some designs that will show up in the shop at the beginning of June.

 At other places:

• You can find a -15% coupon in this weeks Flow Weekly for the shop (sorry, Dutch readers only).
• I went to the inspiring exhibition of Carll Cneut.
• Knitting lost of tiny projects in between. I'm on Ravelry, you can follow me there if you want.
• Enjoying and getting inspired trough the Woolfull podcast while knitting.
• Happy mail days / plant swaps this week here!

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