More green for our home...

Lot's of plants from the gardencenter - Zygocactus truncatus cuttings from my grandmother - the giant cactus and bonzai tree we found at an auction - my ♥ build the perfect shelves - concrete hand is made by using this tutorial.

I still have the urge to buy more, untill the place looks like this beauty.

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Small springbreak with family. I enjoyed watching the pigeons of my grandfather and rabbits in the field - blooming plants - morning fog - spring sunshine - nature awakening ...  Not in the picture, yummy pancakes and waffles from my grandmother.

PS Thank you all for the nice comments and support on my previous post. 

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Knitting for next winter.


Last year I talked about a small knitwear collection which didn't happen in the end. This year I want to try again. I already stocked up a batch of fresh new wools, constisting of alpaca, merino and a lot of delicious soft cashmere. Made plans to knit all Spring (Hello Spring!) and Summer. Let's see how this will go.

• Pictures show the colors I will use. I'm not working with specific color scheme but just go with my feeling.
• A new triangle scarf as well!
• Mushroom seat cover I made as a personal project.
• A small and shy hello from me. Although I'm very hesistant and nervous about this, I think it's about time to show you who Studio Meez actually is.

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The weather is so nice these last weeks, hence the lack of posts. We've been enjoying a lot of sun and walks around the city. Sunday is my favorite day, when the city sleeps and everything is quiet.
+ I'm having too much fun on instagram. You can follow my daily adventures if you want.

Not in pictures, I'm knitting a small collection of handknits (for real this time ; ) Soon more about this.

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