A quick quick hello to you all! It's weekend, the sun is shinning and there is a lot of knitting to do. I'm working on a new collection of apple cushions in new colors and thinking about some new designs. I will share it with you when the time is right.

• Pictures of last years visit to the botanical garden.
• Don't forget the summersale in the shop, it's the last day! 10% discount if you use the code 'SUMMER'.

Have a sunny weekend my friends!



• My herbs are growing very well.
• A new plant. I should stop bringing plants at our little place, it starts to look like a jungle. This one was a present from my 's  colleague.
• No summer without fresh stawberries from my parents garden. My grandparents used to be strawberry farmers and at the beginning of summer we ate them everyday untill we couldn't stand it anymore. Strawberries with brown sugar in the mornings, with icecream in the evening, just plane and simple in between, as jam, in cake, ...

To celebrate the start of summer (even though there is no sun) I'm having a summer sale in the shop! Use the discount code 'SUMMER' by checkout and enjoy a discount of 10%!

Have a great weekend!

Newborn baby print


Finnished my baby print which can now be found in the shop. I think it would be perfect to brighten up any nursery or give as a gift to a newborn baby.



• I like the blurry effect that showed when I held it against the window.
• New paper to write letters on and new tape.
• Letter writing from last week. Maybe some of these already arrived.
• Presents from my
• Some color for these rainy days. 

• A big big thank you for all your motivating words and support on my last post! It really cheered me up and brought new energie. THANK YOU!

▲ ▲ ▲




From drawing and painting to cutting and sticking and back to painting and drawing.

I can't make decisions and to many ideas pop up in my head just as quickly as they disappear again. I do a lot of drawing, sketching and other stuff and one of the things I'm afraid to tell you is not even half of it shows up on this blog. Actually almost nothing. Even though it can be good or not so good, I'm always unsure about my work.

at home

Looking down.


• Probably the most cutest botle cap I ever saw.
• No type ribbon needed when you have carbon paper.
• Summer food.
• Empty cones and I really like the colors on top.
• Planted basil, thymus and rosermary two days ago and the first seedlings showed themselves today.


Mailbox treasures.


• from Yuko / Japan - who knows I love graphic design and advertisment. Don't you love the menu she sent me!
• from Karina / Copenhagen - I should had blogged about this letter a long time ago. It's part of Karina's textile letter projec!
• from Teresa / Portugal - I love the wrapping paper of the soap. Teresa always send me the most beautiful pictures of her town.
Esther / Belgium - She studies in the same city and we never met, Still we can tell each other so much.

Thank you all so much for your letters!

at home



Some pictures from last week.
• A new friend.
• The last grey cushions are getting ready for the shop. Be quick because they won't be restocked anymore.  
(Unless someone knows where I can find that wool on cones?)
• My sansevieria has 3 little baby's. Can you see them?
• Love to wrap my mail at different ways. 
• Pictures from the weekend before last weekend ( oeps, forgot to post them earlier). They are from a performance by Nick Cave . It was so great to see it in real live! I'm so much in love with the details and colors of the costumes.

+ Some of my cushions in there new lovely homes here and here and here.