I'm off to a very busy weekend. The next days I will be working on the last bits and pieces for the shop. I'm also going to do a
little bit of letter writing. So all of you who are waiting for a letter, they will be on there way very soon.

Monday I will be back with an open shop! Isn't that exited?! I already have buterflies in my stomach! It's a dream come true.

Wishing you all a great weekend my dear readers!



He collects typewriters and I use them for writing letters.

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Next Monday the shop will be open!




Have a nice weekend and thank you all so much for your lovely comments!



Visiting thrift markets all over the country. I will soon show you our founds.

Tonight I'm going to watch this movie.


Sleepy faces.


A little bit of work and a little bit of play, that's how my vacation looked. Finnaly found the time to finnish my porcelain
brooches. Al hand-painted and finnished with a view coats of high-gloss varnish. They are now ready to find a new home.

In less than 2 weeks the shop will be open!



I think the pictures speak for themselves. We visited the botanical garden of our city which is trully a magical place.



I'm back from my little blog-break! Together with H. I took two weeks of vacation. I needed this break so bad. Blogging began to
feel like an obligation and that's not a good feeling. Now I'm back fully charged!
You can expect many pictures in the next days...

I have a lot of catching up to do and I'm curious to see what you all did.