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Still plenty of renovation is going on in the house. We choose to work instead of taking a holiday with good things as result (a first room is finally finnished, hooray!). And we played tourist in our own country now and then. Even though we are so small, there are many hidden gems, like this one.

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Maria | Headband AW15/16


Here it is - a new collection for Autumn and Winter.

It took a while to figere it all out, find the right stitch, the right fiber and so on... but I'm so glad everyhting worked out in the end.

Headbands to keep your ears warm when the first cold strikes us. I feel Autumn already in the air and the leaves are already changing here and there. Hand knit and hand worked with pure lambswool in a delicate lace pattern.

Named after one of my grandmothers. The woman who gave me my love for knitting. Both love to make knits to take care of us in Autumn and Winter. A tradition that I like to give to you!

Availability is always very limited since I only knit with the best fiber I can get my greedy yarn hands on.

Find them online in both the shop and Etsy.

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