Studio Meez AW 13/14


Sorry for my absence during the past few days/weeks… I had some health issues and had to take some rest. Even though I am not feeling 100% great, nothing could stop me today from updating you with one of those projects I talked about earlier.

After much pondering I decided to take a chance and started to make a scarf and accessories collection for next winter. It will be a small and exclusive collection with mostly one of a kind pieces that you can treasure over years to come, knitted by hand. I already picked out some colors and materials to work with. The main colors will consist of navy, nudes, gold and silver, bright red, green and pink. Everyhting will probably take more shape when the end of Summer will arrive, as I plan to launch the collection in August. At this moment, I'm experimenting with patterns, textures and colors. I will show you more in the following weeks/months.

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Filling my days with plants, illustrations and knitting. I'm working on a lot of different projects that I will show you when the time is right. One of them is a new postcard set which I hope to show you next week. But for now you will have to do with these few peeks.

• My plants are longing for Spring and so am I.
• Hexipuff knitting, a new scissor and a pilea that is growing fast.
• New/old pattern books.
• Sketching plants and new ideas.

+ Thank you all for the many comments on my last post. By the end of this month I will show you more about my 365-project.

• And some happy news! I was featured in lasts '101 Woonidee├źn' next beside the beautiful Happy Pots from Meyer - Lavigne.

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