One of my favorite places to go lies just outside the city center. While we are counting our last days of our 'renovation' vacation it's the perfect place to relax after a whole day of sanding and painting.

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Winter knits in Summer.


I'm one of those that can't stop knitting. Even with the heatwave from a week ago you will still find me working with needles and wool. Here are a couple of personal knits I finnished these last weeks/months. All in an unintentional neutral color palette.

KNOP, an interesting quick and modern knit
Henriette from Alice Hammer, I'm a big fan of all her patterns
• Puff clutch, my own design. I made this one for a wedding and I'm in love with the alpaca wool in combination with the leather.
Maybe I make this in to a small collection one day.
Textured Shawl, never thought I would ever knit a shawl but this was a fun knit with a nice texture.

I'm always on the look for modern temporary knits so if you have some tips for me please share. And you? Do you like knitting in Summer or are working on a Summer-project?

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