The perfect little dress.


Remember the cute dress I got from my grandmother? I 've got an even cuter one! This was waiting in my room when I came home. Still in the original package (which is so pretty) and never worn.


Let it rain.


Today the weather is sad, I thought that it was going to rain so I drew this little friend.

P.S. I'm so happy! My knitting-needle-picture is on the famous decor8. I'm a big big fan of decor8, it's such a great place for looking at pretty stuff and get inspired. If you never heard of it be sure to check it out!

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They finally arrived!


A little wile ago I told you that I was making postcards. They finally arrived! I ordered them via Moo and they turned out great. I'm really pleased with the result. Now they gonna travel all around the world. If you wonder why I need so many (60 in total), it's because I'm a member of postcrossing. If you like to receive snail-mail you should definitely pay a visit to their site.

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Remember my washi paper tapes that I ordered from Japan. I used them to decorate some clothespins. In my next post I will show you for what you can use them.

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Another one of my collections. I have many knitting needles but I just keep on buying them. I think they look great in this coffee-can which is another gift from my grandmother. I also collect vintage fabrics. Don't know what I'm gonna do with them yet, maybe I will turn them into pillow covers if I got a place of my own.

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I'm a collector of vintage porcelain. Especially the pastels of Villeroy & Boch. Don't you just love these colors? I always make up stories of the people that once used these or the food that they have seen.




Today I celebrate my 24th birthday with some amazing delicious banana-pie from Julie's.


Back in the days.


I went to visit my grandparents and look what I got. This little dress once belonged to my mother when she was little. You can see her on the right in the picture.


Little break.


So busy lately with all sorts tidbits, I haven't got the time for posting something. I badly want to go on a holiday, but this year I don't have time or money for that. Me and the boyfriend are saving some for a big big project that I soon gonna share with you all. Meanwhile I'm enjoying some pictures of our trip from last year when we went to France. And just to have a little break I'm going to my parents for a few days.


Safe and sound.


Saved my plant from the cats, so now he's hanging on the ceiling.