at home

Work - eat - play


• Leaving for a walk.
• Enjoying flowers from my grandmothers garden. They smell very sweet.
• One of my favorite summer dishes.
• Knit knit knit!
• A pretty mess. It's not always as clean as pictures say it is.
• Some baking in between.
• Shooting and New apples for the shop.

Blogger is making a mess of my pictures.




Pictures taken a long time ago and it looks like I still need to practice. 
The first photo is the view from our appartment which I will miss a lot when we move.



Blogging, not so good at it lately.

Spend a few days at my parents + got a visit from my mom and went for a coffee break in town (don't you love those tiles!) + a package arrived + try to get my knitting work done + running late in replying to your mails + my head is exploding but I'm getting there, though slower then I want to + HELLO to all my new followers! 


Work in progress.


• Work in progress + a new friend!
• I've been lazy in letterwriting but promis to make it up this week! It just takes a lot of time since I want every package/letter to be perfect and special. So all of you who are still waiting, there will be something in your mailbox very soon.

How to take care.


In love with neon lately. I had this paper laying around and made labels for my wool products. There are some tips for washing and take care of your wool.

Have a great weekend! + Don't forget, if you use the code 'HAPPYBIRTHDAY' by checkout in the store you get a 10% disscount!


Happy birthday SALE!



Having an anniversairy without something special doesn't feel right. So to thank you all for your support and kind words (they mean the world to me!) there is a 10% disscount on everything if you use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at your checkout. This applies only for my BigCartel store here!



Happy May day + 2 year of blogging!


Happy first day of May! I'm celebrating 2 year of blogging with some new products for the shop. I'm thrilled to show you what I've been working on these last days. It all started with a birth anouncement and ended with a apple shaped soft toy/cushion. 

Now available in the shop!

Many thanks for the nice comments on my interview! Hope you all had a great weekend and it wasn't to dark and rainy like the weather here. I hope that May will bring lot's of sunshine.