In Autumn every leaf is a flower...


or a bear ;) These are some picture from a few weeks ago, when the city was covered under an orange blanket.

Have a nice weekend and stay warm. It is getting cold outside.

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at home



Some leftover from the Molie Makes Home shoot. I thought it might be fun to share these since I don't talk a lot about our renovations. We are still working and still have plenty to do. For me it's a never-ending process of moving things around the house and each week everything looks different.  Altough everything looks quite fine on these photo's you can't believe how many things still needs to be done. Soon I will share some new pictures of the things we are working on.

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at home

Mollie Makes Home


Me and H. home are featured in some spreads of the latest Mollie Makes Home. Weird but also verry fun to see. It's a big motivation for all the work we did and that is still to come.

(PS, having some problems with uploading pictures to blogger and they are appearing a little bit fuzzy. Anyone know how to solf this?)

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Beekeepers quilt.


If you follow me on Ravelry, you already noticed I finally finnished (some months ago) my Beekeepers quilt. After knitting almost 365 hexapuffs I decided I had enough for a small blanket and to be honest looking forward to new projects. I like the result, as well as Lola, who likes to lie on top of the couch.

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