Green Sunday.


This city keeps amazing me. I can not get tired of walking around and discovering secret places.

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The new collection of apple cushion is finnished! Enjoy!

+ You can read a Meet & Greet interview with me at the super cute blog of Rachel. Thank you so much Rachel for having me!

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Mailbox treasures.


Rike send me the most perfect package, some of her beautiful postcards, tape and glue that smells like marzipan (You are right Rike, the smell is very addictive and thank you yet again for this special gift!).
Bohème Circus is a real master in sending beautiful mail. When opening her envelopes, it's like opening a treasure.
• A swap with Julie. I'm in love with her quirky illustrations. They will get a special spot when we move.

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When Mina asked me if I wanted to take part again in her gift-swap I gladly said yes! It is so much fun to get a present from a mystery person and to send a surprise to someone else.

This was waiting for me in the mailbox a couple of weeks ago. Lily send me a tote-bag made out of the most gorgeous fabric and cute hand carved stamps.

Thank you very much dear Lily!

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Another quick 'Hi to you all!' between big piles of wool and polyester stuffing. A new collection of apples is comming, a renovation that hopefully will finnish on time and by the end of next month a big move.

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find the time (again, oeps). Between work my mom came over for a visit and lunchbreak at Balls & Glory. A new place in town where they serve amazing food, with a great concept and a kitchen I want to live in!
Quite clearly not the best pictures I've taken so far but I blame the light and my red cheeks (I still have a big problem with taking pictures in public spaces).



Pom pom pom. Playing with scraps of wool.