at home


• My nematanthus finaly got some roots.
• Two new advocado plants that need to be planted in pots.
• This morning my fig tree had a big suprise for me!
• I cut my finger when making stencils for a new project. auwch

Wishing you nice weekend!


Clever foxes.


Tried out differant drawing techniques:

• watercolor with crayon
• pencil
• pantone-markers
• and a quick digital drawing

Now is the question... Which one do you prefer?




As promised my big food blog-post. Lately I've been doing a lot of cooking, it calm's me down when I'm stressing a lot and there's
nothing better than cooking your own meal + I love to try out new recipes.

• strawberry milkshake
• tagliatelle with mascarpone, bacon, peas and apple
• oven baked fries
noodles with vegetables and prawns
• bread with dried onions and tomatoes
• carrot coconut soup


Good mail day.


• Busy with lots of boring paperwork.

• Did alot of cooking lately and I will blog about it soon

• Writing letters and making packages.

• Started to draw again.

• Knitting a new triangle scarf.

A special thank you for Claudia. Look I made a necklace with the beads you send me! Thank you yet again for the beautiful package
you send me!

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• New pattern. Not so sure about this one, needs a little bit more work.
• One of my packages arrived.
• A lovely blogpost about me. Thank you so so much Gerlin!

I wish you all a nice weekend!


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Finnished my triangle scarf and already busy with another one.

at home

Nr. 287


• Back to the house, looking around and dreaming of how it will be next year.
• Found a real treasure!

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Maybe you guessed it, I'm totaly addicted to trift-markets. With the renovations on their way (even though it is still several
months before we can really start), I can only think about one thing, how we are going to decorate the place. My list of 'stuff
I need for the home' is getting bigger and bigger. I can't visit enough thrift-shops and markets looking for the perfect pieces.
My tin-box collection is slowly growing. Some new additions, the easter-box (wich is now my favorite, love the shape and the
illustrations) and the chinese-box (lastest picture).

I keep all my letters and paper scraps in these boxes and each time I open one it's like opening a treasure.
Also found some
fabric which maybe will be turned into cushions.

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at home


I'm back, after a week of no internet (which feels really weird). Still a lot of connection problems so it can happen again. In
the meantime I had lot's of time to visit my family, knit (my scarf is almost finnished!), write letters,... Finally planted my
advocado in a large pot so he can grow more and I bought a mint. Love love love the smell and taste of mint.

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