custom order


• Orange juice, banana and mango. One of the best combinations I tried so far.
• A custom order.

• And some bad news... I'm on the look for a new single-lens reflex camera since mine quit working this week. Any
suggestions? Mine was a nikon and worked without any problems for 6 years so I guess I will buy a similar one but
if you got recommendations please go ahead (I'm not an expert).

So it will be very quiet here for a while. I will use my time for practising on my knitting machine and enjoying
the good weather.

Hopefully until soon!

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Collaboration with L'Affiche Moderne!


It is time to celebrate Spring!

And what other way is better to celebrate then having a shiny sunny day and a new print "Springtime Birds"!
Thank you
L'Affiche Moderne!
I'm very happy to be part of the wonderful selection of illustrators you can find in their store.

Limited edition print available through L'affiche Moderne.

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New project.


• I bought a knittingmachine with lots and lots of wool and sorted them on color.
• The first knitted swatches. It isn't so easy as it looks.
• And my first big knitted piece without mistakes.

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In my last post I told you about the big big thriftfair we where going this weekend, it was quit hectic (people run to
be the first one inside) but also amazing.
Here is our big loot:

• Finally found the chair I was looking for ages. Couldn't choose so we bought two. To the enormous frustration of a
man who was hoping we put one back and was getting very angry at us.

• He found a lamp he liked (which was almost stolen by someone else, people where very very crazy).
• I bought lot's of viewmaster cards as a much to late birthday present for him (shame on me!).
• Liking the pattern on these clothes hangers (is that the right spelling?).
• Couldn't resist these wallpapers, which will probably turn into envelopes and boxes for the new house.

We still got a long wishlist so now where waiting untill next year.




A pattern I worked on last week. One in pink and one in blue. Don't know what to do with it but I like it. Any ideas?

This weekend will be a busy one. We are going to an enormous thriftfaire (hope to find some nice treasures) and I will
be working further on a new project. That is one of the reasons why it's been so quiet over here but I hope I can share
it with you pretty soon.

What are your weekend plans?

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Sunshine award.


nominated me to join "the sunshine award“. It is an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires
others in the blog world. Thank you very much Claudia!

You are supposed to answer the following questions & name five other bloggers you enjoy.

favorite color: greyish pastels + fluo.
favorite animal: cat.
favorite non-alcoholic drink: smoothie.
facebook or twitter: facebook.
getting or giving presents: I like both.
favorite flower: peonies and ranunculus.
favorite pattern: triangles.
passion: illustrations and knitting.
favorite number: 22.

The five blogs I'd like to share because they always make me happy are:

Lisa Kinoo - because her blog is always colourful and makes me smile
Bohème Circus - because of her love for mail and paper
Bonjour Johanna - because of her creativity
Click* - because of her amazing photography
Peas and Needles - because of her lovely projects

So maybe you'll recognize your blog here & join the sunshine award too! I'd like to read your answers!

(I don't want you to feel tagged, please feel free to join or not!)