Bear and fox.


For a long long time I dream of writing a children book. Last year I made one for my graduation project but I'm not too happy
with it anymore.

Maybe these two would be a start for a little story... Bear and fox. Fox and bear. Maybe...

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at home


What to do when the weather is bad and you have to stay indoors?

• Drink many tea.
• Knit knit knit.
• Cuddle cats.

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• We won at an auction! Actually H. won an auction. This beauty now stands proudly in our living room.

• While he collects his music, I'm searching for childrensongs. Found a new one of 'Tom Thumb'
with an illustration of Dick Bruna.

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Good mail day.


I love writing and receiving mail. It's always such a pleasure when you find a little piece of someone else in you're mail. Today I received a lovely envelope from Juultje. She sent me these little suprises.

Thank you so much Juultje, you made my day! You can expect something backy very soon.

(If anybody else would like to write me, just send me a mail. You can always expect something nice in return.)

I wish you all a great start of the week and I want to thank you for all the nice comments on my post 'Nr. 287'! It's great to hear that you all share the same enthusiasm as we have about our house.

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Nr. 287


I wanted to share this great news with you much much sooner. The plans are drawn, now comes the heavy work. Hopefully we can call this our new home next spring.

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Walk in the park.


Today me and H. enjoyed the good weather. We went for a walk in the park and looked for the perfect place to spent the rest of the day. Can you believe that this is just outside the city?! So peaceful and quiet.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

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at home

Working space.


• Love to cut + stick paper and making packages.
• I've got this plant from my grandmother. Hope he will show some roots soon.
Does anybody know what his name is?

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