DDW part II


Second part of pictures from the DDW.  Mostly about all things that inspired me, texture, textile, technique and colors. There was just too much to see and too many pictures to take. Maybe with sharing these I can inspire you too. Enjoy the weekend!

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Piet Hein Eek - DDW part I


This weekend was all about my birthdayboy , feeling like a p√Ętisserie queen and crossing borders to visit the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I'm still feeling overwhelmed by everything I saw and wished again we had so many creativity in our neighborhood. First stop, Piet Hein Eek.

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Helen B & vrienden


A visit this weekend to Helen B's new pop-up shop, Helen B & vrienden. A new store and creative space in town with beautiful objects, porcelain, illustrations and many more. Just what Ghent needed!
And I wouldn't make some advertising here if you can't score some apple cushions and Eskimo brooches as well over there.

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Hi there! How are you all? First off a big hello to all those new you's that found me here, Hi and welcome!

Those who follow me on instagram and/or facebook already saw that new tote-bags are listed in the shop. It took a while, but here they are, Jukka and Blokk tote. Hope you like them.

See you soon with more news.

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