New illustrations + new blog.


Some of you might dicovered it already. Me and H. are going to start a new blog. Since our family and friends don't live that
close, we thought it's a good idea to start a renavation diary/blog. + It's fun to see before and after pictures.
If you are curious and want to follow the biggest project of our live take a look here or click on the tiny house on the right.

Oh and I also made some new illustration by using some mixed media techniques. Love to cut and stick paper.

Played a little bit with the lay-out of my page. The pictures are now a little bit bigger to look at. Do you like it?

at home


How was you weekend? Me and H. stayed indoors all time. Crazy weather these last days. From
thunder and lightning, heavy rain,
wind, hail and a bright sun. We drank too much coffee, read books, watched movies and played board games. Sometimes you just need
a lazy weekend.



Found a used roll film a few days ago. A little bit disappointed when I saw my developed photos. Only a few pictures turned out
good. There from
our trip to Amsterdam. Guess I have to practise some more. If anybody nows some tips or tricks? I'm not so good
at the exposure part. Photography was never my best subject in school.

Previous Diana+ pictures here, here and here. Oh and my favorite.


Weekend snaps.


It's been a very busy weekend! I've been talking for months and months now about opening a little shop. Now I can finally say that
the little shop will be there very soon. It all happened so fast and I'm so exited to start!
It's been a dream for a long long time!

• Thought that the bear illustration would look very good on a tote-bag. Like it?
• Did some thrift hunting again and found a dress + scarf.
• Sketches for a new project.



Our weekends are usually filled with visits to the flea market and thrift shops. Can't bear the thought of missing 'the buy of my
life', which also often leads to a disappointment if we can't find anything. Nothing special this time besides these postcards.
Better luck next time.


Mailbox treasures.


Remember this one? I could only open it on the 15th. Thank you very much Tabitha! I love everything you send me!

at home



• Extra long weekend full of surprises.
• Making long walks in the city and visited thrift-markets.
• Eating good food and lot's of cake.
• Getting presents. He knows me verry well. Thank you so much my ♥!
• Blowing candles.
• Watched the last Harry Potter movie (and feeling a little bit sad it's over).

I love birthdays!

And what about you? How was your weekend?


Mailbox treasures.


It feels like christmas today! Found in my mailbox.

• From Tabitha. Can't open it until the 15th.
• From Claudia. All these lovely gifts! She made the doily a little while ago and I loved it! Not knowing it was for me so it was
a big big surprise when I found it in the envelope! Thank you very very much!



This morning in my mailbox.
New wool for new knitting projects.



• Early morning walk, untill it started to rain (again). Where is the summer?
• One of my favorite buildings in town.




• Thrift finds from a while ago. Already wear the blue dress here. Love love love the coathangers!

• 7 night sleep and it's my birthday.



Wish all the packaging in the stores looked like this.
(But then again it would be bad for my wallet.)