1 year!


Yay! Today it's the 1 year anniversary of my blog! I can't believe time has flow by so quickly. Never thought I would keep up blogging but it has sort of taken over my life. I want to thank you all so much for your support and kind words!!!

Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow cause I got a little surprise...

P.S. And another excuse to take silly pictures.
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at home

Yellow + new project.


• little peeks around the apartment and new thrift founds
• in love with these yellow flowers
• a yummy smoothie with oranges, kiwi, banana, apple and honey
• Introducing my new project! Actually I'm busy with it for quite a while and I wanted to share it with you guys much sooner. But I think now is the right time. I will show you more in a few days!

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I finally finished my scarf I was working on. Since I only knit while watching TV it took me ages too finish this one. I knitted it with vintage yarn that I found in a thrift shop. To bad I'll have to wait until winter to wear him.

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at home


• waking up
• enjoying the little things in life
• love her tiny pink nose

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Some shots from my weekend.

• made a long evening walk trough the city
• wish I lived in a place like this, close to the water
• mango and raspberry sorbet
• on my way back home found these lovely flowers

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Another small collection. All thrift founds, except for the pink one.
Can't wait to have
this one in my collection.

I have to be careful I don't become a hoarder.

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It's Friday today! What are you're weekend plans?

Have a nice weekend my friends!

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New birth announcement! Another dream I have is to start my own graphic design company one day. But first I have to do everything step by step and don't rush things. Good preparation means everything! Too start with, I'm making a portfolio full of birth- and wedding- announcement, since I have so much fun making these.
Critiques and comments are welcome, it's the best to learn from.

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at home


My fig tree is doing very well, after only one week he changed so much. I love to color and shape of the leaves, it makes me so happy to see him grow.

Some curious little friends came by and went on a discovery trip.

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