Pots & Paper # 2


Pictures from our preperation yesterday. So many of you already came by, thank you! You can still visit us today and tomorow.

For more info, head over to the event page. Come say hello and don't forget a plant to swap!

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I'm verry happy to invite you all to Pots & Paper #2, a pop-up plant and stationery shop. You can find us in my beautiful hometown Ghent/Belgium.

Here's a peek of a fabric design I made for storage containers that you can use for your favorite plants or whatever you please. You can find these together with paper goodies, planthangers and many other amazing stuff if you visit us. Don't forget to bring a plant so you can swap it for another one.

Have a look at some pictures of our first adition here and here.

Check out all the other participants:
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Studio Meez
Lisa Kinoo
Hermine van Dijck
Sanne Delcroix
Merlijne Marell

Hope to see you and your plant in Ghent!

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Saterday walk and couch searching


Walking around a new area in town we never been to. Saw manny pretty things but no couch. It still was an amazing place to visit.

• There's a peek of what I will do with my fabrics.  I still need some more time to finnish since everything is a bit hectic. We're still renovating with no heat and it's getting really cold. I did made an extra fabric design for the second edition of Pots & Paper (very excited about this one!), but more about that in a few days.

Take care my dear friends and stay warm!

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the big draw


Here some delayed pictures from 'The Big Draw'.  Already a couple of weeks ago I participated in a one time screenprinting lesson at the academie in Ghent. I'm quite fond about this printing technique and thinking about following some lessons.

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