Berlin - botanischer garten


What would a trip to Berlin be if I didn't visit their botanischer garten. I could be here all day every day, that's how much I enjoy these kind of places and offcourse the big Pilea Peperomioides and the castle looking greenhouse and all the different shades of green and the cacti with their weird shapes.

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A day in August.


Exactly one year ago I met the lovely Marlou from Hei Marlou. She showed us her favorite spots in Brussels, the capital city of my country which is unknown territory for me. We walked, talked, enjoyed the weather, drank coffee, eat delicious bagels and had a great great time.

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Berlin - part II


More of Berlin. Our favorite places to visit where Markthalle Neun with there delicious food and Prinzessingarten for their urban garden and good drinks.

Have a look at my city guide in case you ever want to visit Berlin.

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Berlin - part I


We left on an unexpected trip to Berlin last week and had a great time and long needed 'rest'.

I liked:
The long walks we took each day.
Great food to taste at every corner.
Celebrating my 28th birthday with delicious cherry pie.
All the balcony's with their flowers and greens.
Flags and tiny lights hanging everywhere in the city.
The kindness of people when we didn't find our way.
Photoautomat (I think I almost found them all)

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In other places.


I've spend a couple of days thinking about how to write this post, not sure if I really want to get too personal on this place and feeling comfortable about it.

You’ve probably noticed it’s been a lot more quiet here in the past few months than usually. I had every intention of picking up bloging since my last post but somehow work and personal issues swooped in and demanded all of the attention. I'm struggling with negative feelings, disappointments from the past months/years, work, renovations that probably still take another year or more and the feeling I need to compete with everything, rushing through life, doing everything I can and be perfect for my surroundings. It's all a little bit too much at this point. I think all of these are things which everyone has to deal with at a surten point in life so maybe it's a little bit silly of me and I'm complaining too much. Nevertheless I think it's best for me to take some steps back and learn to enjoy the small things in life, taking time to relax, stop thinking life is to short and start again with tiny babysteps. I'm taking a long break from the shop and all the rest until the beginning of September. Hoping to start again with a clear mind and healty life (with maybe, no promises, some blogposts here and there).

+ A big thank you for everyone who send me a worried mail and cheered me up with motivating words. Your support means the world to me.