• Pictures of the Light Festival in the city. It was magical and beautiful and so cold that I almost couldn't move.

How was your weekend?

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Mailbox treasures.


My favorite moment of the day is when I hear the sound of my mailbox. This lovely package arrived last Friday. I was so
surprised when I opened the envelope. Lisa send me two beautiful matchboxes because she knows I collect them, pretty
postcards, a cute bird and and some pieces of fabric.

Dankjewel lieve Lisa voor het mooie pakje! Ik weet al meteen wat ik met die stofjes ga maken.




I'm off to enjoy the weekend and I hope you will do too!

• What do you see when you look at the clouds?
• Some new products in the shop.

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Window peeking.


• Pictures from city walks last year.

• And a question for you. I'm looking for an easy and cheap (possible free) way to build up a website. Anyone got any
recommendations? Since I'm not a web expert it has to be really really easy.

at home


Such dreadful weather, rain, wind and grey skies. Not much light to take pictures.

• A vintage stamp that I got for Christmas from my ♥. Isn't he the sweetest.
• My fig is already showing his new leaves.
• Some while ago I won a give away from Kickan and Conckers. Thank you yet again Deborah!
• Last week I've got in a big panic mode, after more than 5 years my Macbook decided to quit working with me. So I kept
on working a couple of days without any screen which feels really weird.
Hello new one!


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• Another triangle scarf and this time it's one for the shop. It is such a fun pattern to knit but it's also a very slow process. No idea when it is
going to be finnished but I will keep you updated!

• New Little girls brooches.

• To celebrate the New Year I'm offering a 25% discount on all A3 prints!

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