• Pictures of last weeks weather. The fog looks magical and scary at the same time.
• Some leafs I took home with me. I like their shapes.
• Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, USA and Belgium are the coutries I send packages to the last days. Thank you all so much for
your orders!

• I've been blogged here and here.



Who doesn't like to cut and stick paper. This illustration is a custom order for Christmas cards. Hope they will like it.

I wish you all a great weekend!



Yay! I'm finally ready with updating the shop. I spent the last days with doing productshots (which I love to do) and making
totebags. First time screenprinting and I'm happy with the results. I made my own screenprinting material and I like the way it
all turned out.
Since it was my first time there
are only 2 bags is only 1 bag available at the moment but I can't wait to start
printing again.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present make sure to take a look. If you have any questions about sold out items or
want to say hello just sent me a mail.


• We spend the weekend at my parents, celebrating my moms birthday.
• + a delicious homemade chocolate cake (forgot to take a picture)
• Enjoying the garden in Autumn.
• Janneke the goat.
• Weekends are always too short.

at home


I hope everyone stays nice and warm as the days are getting freezing cold.

• Breakfest in the morning.
• Letter writting in the afternoon.

What do you do to keep the cold outside?



Something that makes me smile. Hope it will do the same for you.



I'm really excited to show you the latest project I worked on. New wooden brooches with illustrations, because it's fun to wear
your favorite illustration everywhere.

They will be in the shop somewhere today or tomorow so keep an eye out if you want one cause there limited!

beautiful books


This package was waiting for me in the mail yesterday. Luck was once on my side because I won Bonjour Johanna's give away! Thank
you so much Johanna! It's an amazing magazine with the most beautiful photo's. I really really like it!

If you don't now Johanna, make sure to check out her blog!

at home


• This is how my workspace is looking for the moment.
• Sending and receiving mail/orders.
• The metal wire basket was on my wishlist for a long long time as was the Pirum Parum print from Fine Little day (I'm going to
wait to display it until we move). All ordered in
this lovely shop.

• I'm busy with a new project that I soon will share with you!



I don't mind that the weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker. It makes me want to curl up in the couch with a
blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. But grey days means bad sunlight for photography, my excuse for the lack of posts here.

• I like the golden stars.
• Burning candles for good luck.

• My 'Bruno the Bear' brooch is featured in the new 'Holiday' isue of Babiekins Magazine.
• Thank you for your kind comments and orders.



Very soon for sale in the shop. Not sure yet about the color.