A visit


... at my old school. 3 years ago I graduated at this place as a graphic designer. It seems like such a long time but when I walked around, it feels like just yesterday.

Not in pictures: knitting several new projects * enjoying fresh strawberries * waiting for my very own fabric designs to arrive and starting new products * filling boxes and preparing a move at the end of this month

P.S. Google Reader is ending today, so you can go over to Bloglovin and follow me there - or just follow with Blogger.

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• Working on an exciting new project.
• Upgrading my knitting skills. After years of knitting only simple scarfs it is time to learn some new techniques. You can follow me on Ravelry and you can find the pattern of the triangle loop here.

• No pictures of the reason this blog has been so quiet. Me and my are working very hard on our big renovation project. Preparing everything for the plasterer, painting, sanding,... We hope to move in the next month or two. Besides all this I'm also busy working on some graphic assignments, preparing packages for new stockists and next week I have a shoot with the cutest little boy. Busy busy busy, but I hope I can still find time to blog now and then. Untill soon!

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