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Little bits from the weekend.


Some little bits from the weekend...

* bought some tulips too surprise someone
* been wanting a table like this for a long time and finally found it + some new yarn for a project
* my fig tree I bought a few weeks ago is showing his new fresh leaves
* getting inspired to grow my own avocado tree

Hope you're weekend was nice and relaxing!

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I'm a collector of many small things, especially old packaging. A while ago I started to collect matchboxes after I got inspired by some images. I love the labels on them and I hope my collection will grow much more though there not so easy to find.

Two amazing Flickr photo-sets of vintage matchbox labels here and here. Maybe one day I will find some of these.

(If you want to help extend my little collection you can always contact me)

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at home

A suitcase full of cats.


Last weekend there was a big thrift fair in the neighborhood. Found a couple of beautiful old suitcases that are going to be used for storage. I wonder where they traveled to in a past live.
The cats like them as much as I do.

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Mailbox treasures.


I love to send and receive mail, they are like little treasures. So I thought it would be fun to share my incoming and outgoing mail. The postcards you see are some of my favorites I received through postcrossing. I will show you some more in the future.

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at home


Spring is coming soon and the weather is finally changing. Though it's still a little chilly outside, me and H. made a long walk in the city yesterday. I love making walks on Sunday, especially in the morning, when everything in the city is quiet and peaceful.

A lovely song to listen to.

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Something different.


No illustrations but something different. I waste so much of my time browsing on
Flickr, watching old adds and vintage family pictures. So I made a few digital collage works. I had so much fun making these and maybe more of them will follow in the future (if you like them?).

Have a nice weekend!

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