Cirque du Meez.


Don't you just love it to be inspired by the cirque? It's such a wonderful and magical place to visit don't you think? I like the costumes, the striped tents and the feeling you get when you go visit.

It was also my inspiration for my first set of illustrations. We've got The lion tamer who is a sweet little fella, The twins who each have there own personality, Lady dare who isn't afraid of anything, Bruno the bear and The Stilt walker. What do you think of these cute characters?

Soon for sale in the shop.

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6 reacties

  1. I love the bear - adorable. where is your shop please?

  2. Thank you.
    I'm still working on my shop, just keep checking this place. It won't be to long.

  3. I've posted a couple of pics, look forward to seeing your shop.

  4. Oh that's great! I took a little peek at your blog and looks like a nice place you've got there!

  5. hi there!

    you might like to know i featured your lovely circus illustrations on heartmade today, since i'm a huge fan of your blog + illustrations.

    you can take a look here:

  6. Hi Mayi!
    That's just wonderful! I'm glad you like my illustrations.


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