Old pictures from a traveltrip a few years ago.

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Finally finished my scarf. It's knitted in a gerstkorrel (don't know how to call it in English) and almost 2 meter long. It took me ages to finish it since I was so busy with school.

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at home



For the first time I made some jam as we call it here 'confituur', which I find a beautiful word. The first one is from kiwi and banana the second one is from the mirabelle I harvested. Very jummy as I say so myself.

All you need are 4 kiwi's and 1 banana, 300g jam-sugar, and some juice from a lemon.
For the mirabelle jam I just followed my instinct.

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I noticed that all my previous post had the same color-scheme. So I collected some stuff around the house that has the color yellow.

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Mirabelle de Lorraine


Yesterday I harvested some mirabelle plums from our neighbors tree. Thinking of making some jam of it.



I'm so lucky today! First of all I won the beautiful give-away from the lovely Hermine from Journal de jours. And if that wasn't enough to make my day great, I found this package in the mail that I ordered a week ago. A time ago I discovered UGUiSU. UGUiSU sells Japanese paper goods, magazines, lots of washi tape, ... Thought it would be fun to use some tape for my illustrations.


I heart knitting


Oh how I miss these old wooden floors. Last year we moved to a bigger studio, now I'll have to do with linoleum (yuk). Later I want a similar one in my home. I like the feeling of walking barefoot on wood.

beautiful books

Books from my library.


I've got this beautiful book from my boyfriend. It's a present for or 3 year anniversary. I've got a huge wish-list full of beautiful illustration- and photography-books and this was one of them. One day I want my own little library full of pretty creative books.

The book is called The Age Of Micropop, it's a book about the new generation of Japanese artists written by Midori Matsui, an art critic. Midori Matsui spent a decade, from 1995 to 2006, tracking the emergence of Micropop, an art tendency today. Micropop can be defined as small-scale avant-garde and Yoshitomo Nara is one of the Micropop artists (4th picture,I'm so in love with his work).

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A few weeks ago my love found this little one. She was all by her own so he took her home. Now all the sudden I'm a 'mom'. Because she was so little, the first week I had to feed her with a baby bottle every 3 hours. Now she's big enough to drink by her own. We decided that were gonna keep her. Now Lola has a playmate. We called her Mies.