Tilestove from Weltevree

Wonderwall from Suspacious

Yesterday I went to the International Design Biennial in Kortrijk. Normally I'm not too fond on modern design cause I rather love old furniture, found somewhere, that has a story attached to it. Surprisingly I do found some favorites that I would love to have in my house some day.

(All photo credits go to the sellers)

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Sneak peek.


How was your weekend? I did a lot of work. Made some new friends that I will show you soon. Here you can see one of them, he doesn't have a name yet (suggestions?) . I'm working on a tote-bag, this one is just a preview. Not so pleased about the result yet. What do you think? The illustration is drawn on the fabric and is not printed. Hope to put these in the shop one day. Still a lot of work to be done.

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Tiny friends.


These little one's came home with me from Amsterdam. Wouldn't these be fun as postcard?

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Cirque du Meez.


Don't you just love it to be inspired by the cirque? It's such a wonderful and magical place to visit don't you think? I like the costumes, the striped tents and the feeling you get when you go visit.

It was also my inspiration for my first set of illustrations. We've got The lion tamer who is a sweet little fella, The twins who each have there own personality, Lady dare who isn't afraid of anything, Bruno the bear and The Stilt walker. What do you think of these cute characters?

Soon for sale in the shop.

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I'm back from Amsterdam. So much to see but too little time. I can totally see myself living here in these beautiful houses.

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