• A picture from last weeks exhibition.
• Wool wool wool.
• Happy mailbox, thanks to all my snailmail palls. (There will be a big blogpost about it later this week)
• I've ordered my own rubber stamp here. Nogmaals dankjewel Ellen voor de supersnelle service!
• More wool! The biggest bargain of my live and I probably never ever have to buy wool again.

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19 reacties

  1. oh, heerlijk van die foto's van boven van je bureau vol stationery <3. En super leuk dat je nu ook je eigen stempel hebt!

  2. Ik zocht al een tijdje naar zo'n stempelmaker, bedankt voor de tip!

  3. oOoh, I like very much your stamp. I like the printings hand-made. Every time it is a little bit different, the ink does not spread in the same way and when we print labels it makes them even more precious because they become unique.

    I like the graphic photos of your woolen reels !

    And I like seeing your desk in a mail mood :)

  4. I love the colors ♥

  5. Ik kan die klossen wol ook nooit laten liggen in de kringloop! En al zeker niet als het houten klossen zijn :)
    Ik heb zo een licht vermoeden dat de vlaamse postbodes de laatste tijd weer heel wat werk bij hebben met al die schrijvende blog-dames!!

  6. wat leuk, studio stempel! en een mooi studio meez logo!!

  7. So much wool! I'm jealous of your stash. ;-)

  8. ça c'est de la laine! they have soo great color.

  9. i like the stamp!

  10. Uh, I love your new rubber stamp! Adorable. I've been meaning to make one for myself for so long... You inspired me. I can't wait for the snailmail post. I'm crazy about writing letters. I have so many fabulous stationary and so little snailmail palls. By the way, can I send you something sometime?

    1. Thank you so much. Sure you can, just send me an email!

  11. I like the new stamp and all these wool colours!

  12. When my eyes first saw your blog a rush of excitement over came me the world went into a glitter fest of love and ghost fairies began to whisper lovely melodies into my ears i went through a lot of your posts each getting better and better I adore your blog keep posting X mercury moonshine dutchess

  13. That's probably the prettiest OMG I've seen ;)

  14. prachtige kleuren, jij gelukzak! :)


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